Training WorkBench

Our learning content and user training management kit is designed to organize and extend and manage learning, for content which could be developed using any of the tools in the market.
It enables effective utilization and management of training content to achieve targeted user competencies.

It provides a deployment kit for training and operations managers, to extend and manage group and individual training programs, thereby track the learning progress of operational users.


Document Management System

DMS addresses the tracking, management and storage of documents, through version control and support for various formats. It provides plug and play approach to all workflow use cases like multiple branching, complex veto scenarios during reviews, deep context search for quick access, retrieval and coverage of documents.

The cloud variant of the DMS makes it an optimal and flexible solution for various business needs within an organization.


Mobile and Web development

Customized web and mobile application development for specific business needs across industries like FMCG, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals and BFSI.


Virtual Helpdesk

Virtual Helpdesk is an electronic performance support system. It intelligently recognizes and prompts the user with the right set of process steps in the form of cue cards.


Cutting edge BPM platform that allows users to design, automate processes and bring them to life in a very simple plug and play manner.

The platform allows you to:

  • Assign tasks to users and groups

  • Set rules and conditions

  • Set thresholds for process efficiency

  • Connect to external systems and monitor the processes in real time

Implementation and Support

We provide implementation and support for all our automation products.


ed draws from its people experience to assure quality of talent by accelerating right sourcing and selection of people through its talent recruitment services.

Clients experience quality engagement if they are looking at vanilla placement services to fill positions or are looking at resource planned talent acquisitions.

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Training needs analysis to meet various competency and performance needs across functions and roles

Recommendation on types of learning based on user profile, rendering medium, business objectives to be met or any other parameters and constraints

A variety of content creation, i.e., simulations for processes and business applications with ed’s proven automated tools & technologies, AV content, gamification etc

Scalable and distributed Learning Management Systems to train, measure, track and certify the user.

Post-certification continuous learning engagement through:

  • ed’s unique communication platform that can cater to enterprise, open groups on mobiles and web platforms, which is typically used to learn periodically, communicate changes and all forms of creative communication

  • Configurable gamification framework accessible through web & mobile devices